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Chicago, IL 60607


Hours Of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 10am-7pm

Saturday-Sunday: By appointment

Additional Info:
iPhone repair in Chicago, IL


Current Specials:
iPhone 4/4S Screen Repair - $99.99

iPad 2 Screen Repair - $149.99

    • My iPad 2 looks brand new now!  Apple told me it would cost over $200 for my iPad Repair... ReVamp uses original parts and has great service too. Glad I found these guys!!

      Hillary Brown - Chicago, IL

    • Got pushed into a pool with my iPad on me.  Thought I was out $700.  Had no idea that iPad Water Damage Repair was even possible after Apple refused to fix my tablet.  These guys saved me $400 and a lot of stress...Thanks!

      Zack Ordell - Houston, TX

    • iPad Screen Repair $99, iPad 2 Screen Repair $99, iPad 3 Screen Replacement $99

      ReVamp Electronics - Chicago, IL

    • Needed a Replacement Digitizer Touch Screen for my iPad.  Was skeptical about the quality of the iPad Repair Kits I was finding online.  Went with these guys and couldn't be happier with the quality of the parts!

      Jordan Boser - Los Angeles, CA

    • Looking to fix your Broken iPad or iPhone Screen?  Whether it's iPad 2 Screen Repair, iPhone 3 Screen Repair, or the new iPhone 5 Screen Repair we can do it right with the lowest prices online!

      ReVamp Electronics - Chicago, IL

    • After I dropped my iPhone in the water and shattered the glass I thought my iPhone was gone forever!  I had no idea that anyone could offer me an iPhone water damage repair. Couldn't be happier :)

      Naomi Walters - New York, NY

    • Looking to turn your iPhone 4S White before it gets released? We have the iPhone 4S White Conversion service available.  Don't waste money buying a new phone, have us color swap yours for less!

      ReVamp Electronics - Chicago, IL

    • If your screen is Cracked, Shattered, Broken, Scratched or Damaged we can repair it for you! Our parts are of the highest quality and we guarantee them with a 1 Year warranty on all Smartphone & iPad Repair!

      ReVamp Electronics - Chicago, IL

    • One of the few places that could handle my repair requests.  I needed a bulk lot of iPad Repairs done.  They were the only ones I could find that had high quality parts for me!

      George Donaldson - Atlanta, GA

    • I was looking for a place to repair my broken iPad Screen.  I'm glad I found these guys. They were able to replace my screen and make it look new!

      Erin Reinhert, Iowa City, IA

    • I ordered the iPad Screen Repair Kit after I dropped my iPad. The kit had everything I needed and I was even able to chat with a live tech to help me through it. Unbelievable customer support.

      Pat Draayer - Denver, CO

    • Needed to repair my broken droid screen on my Motorola Droid RAZR after I dropped it and cracked the glass.  Got my RAZR back looking like the first day I bought it!

      Lenore Rosebrook - Cleveland, OH

    • We are proud to offer iPad Repair, HTC EVO 4G LTE, HTE One X, HTC Vivid, Motorola Droid RAZR M, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, T-Mobile G2X, and Tablet Repairs!  

      ReVamp Electronics - Chicago, IL

    • iPad Water Damage, Samsung Galaxy S3 Water Damage, iPhone Water Damage, HTC Water Damage, Motorola Droid Water Damage, T-Mobile Water Damage? Don't worry we can repair it!

      ReVamp Electronics - Chicago, IL

    • I was looking for an iPad Screen Repair and boy am I glad I found these guys.  They were able to replace the broken touch screen / digitizer and they even gave me a free case!  Unreal service!!

      Ryan Johnson - Orlando, FL

    • Bought an iPad 4 Screen Repair kit and was very impressed by the quality.  I was skeptical cause I had purchased another kit from Amazon and it ended up looking terrible.  Don't worry with these iPad repair guys!

      Jordan Grimm - Ann Arbor, MI

    • Didn't know how much it was going to cost to fix my iPad after it went for a swim.  Their diagnostic service is extremely fair.  They only needed to replace the Screen so that's all I was charged for!

      Allison Staik - Tempe, AZ

    • Broken iPhone, Shattered or Cracked iPhone Screen? We have some of the most competitive prices on the web!  Get an iPhone Screen Repair with high quality parts and have peace of mind with our 90-Day warranty on all iPhone Repair!

      ReVamp Electronics - Chicago, IL

    • I have to give a shout out to the people at iReVampElectronics.com.  They fixed my broken iPad screen when I "accidentally" shattered the glass digitizer.  They also saw my charging dock was bad so they replaced it...for FREE!

      Russell Moore - Memphis, TN

    • We're not kidding when we say we are the "Water Damage Repair Experts"  Don't let water damage destroy your Apple iPhone, HTC, Motorola Droid, Nokia, Samsung or T-Mobile.  We have a 75% water damage repair success rate!

      ReVamp Electronics, Chicago, IL

    • Bought an iPad repair kit and couldn't figure out how to replace the screen on my broken iPad. These guys were nice enough to let me send them the mess I made with my tablet.  They were able to piece it back and fix my broken iPad screen!

      Travis Hanson - San Diego, CA

    • iPhone 4S Screen Repair - $74.99. iPhone 5 Screen Repair - $249.99. iPad 2 Screen Repair - $99.99.  We offer the most competitive prices on the web for iPad Screen Repair and give you a 1 Year worry free warranty!

      ReVamp Electronics - Chicago, IL

    • Sent in my iPhone for an LCD Screen Replacement.  I forgot to tell them that the volume button was broken too but I got a call from the tech who let me know that they noticed it and replaced it for no additional charge!

      Lana Curiek - Portland, OR

    • Nothing but good things to say about these guys. While everyone else only fixes iPhones they instead recognize that people use other phones & tablets! Great service, quick turn around and they don't gouge the prices! A++ Rating!

      Paul Kamps - Charlotte, NC

    • My iPad 2 looks brand new now! Apple told me it would take over a week to fix my broken screen iPad 2 and that it would be over two hundred bucks.  Glad I found these guys!

      Hilary Brown - St. Louis, MO

    • I was looking to fix my iPhone 4 after I dropped it from my balcony.  Their iPhone Screen Repair Kit came with everything that I needed to fix my broken iPhone screen and it was at a great price! 

      George Ambrosia - St. Paul, MN

    • Dropped my iPad 3 and couldn't find anyone else online who would repair it.  I was skeptical so I called in and after I spoke with them I knew that I could trust them.  Got my broken screen fixed and couldn't be happier!

      Rohan Patel - Detroit, MI

    • Found multiple places online to fix my iPad 4 Broken Screen.  After spending so much money on my iPad I wanted to make sure the iPad repair was done right.  I was beyond impressed with their iPad screen repair quality and communication!

      Brenda Morrison - Syracuse, NY

    • Needed to get the keyboard on my BlackBerry Bold Replaced.  I sent my phone in and without even asking I got the trackball replaced as well.  These guys know good business and I can only say good things about them!

      John Gaspare - Wichita, KS

    • We are proud to announce repairs and water damage diagnostics for the the HTC HD7, HTC HD2, HTC Droid Eris, HTC Surround, iPhone Repair, Samsung Focus, Samsung Fascinate, 

      ReVamp Electronics - Chicago, IL

    • Shattered the outer glass of my iPhone 4S.  Didn't know if there was damage to the LCD Screen so I selected the 99 cent diagnostic.  The staff was very honest and told me that the LCD was fine and only charge for the Glass Repair!

      Chris Alderson - Des Moines, IA

    • Shopped around to find who could replace my volume button on my iPhone 4S.  Every site I went to was charging $65+.  I'm glad I stopped at this site.  They are reasonable with pricing and do a great job with iPhone repair. Thanks Guys!!

      Bonnie Rawles - Milwaukee, WI

    • I didn't know what a Touch Panel or a Digitizer was before I broke my iPad screen...now I'm an expert!  I found a great iPad repair kit for my iPad 2 and with the help of the live chat I was able to repair my iPad in 45 min!

      Jeffery Kempf - Philadelphia, PA

    • It's not only about iPhone repair with us.  We are now proud to offer the iPhone 4S Conversion Color Swap.  Stand apart from the crowd and own an extremely rare Red iPhone 4S!

      ReVamp Electronics - Chicago, IL

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